…and more. Over 150 integrations across many different industries, including healthcare, service industries, legal and more!

…and more. Over 150 integrations across many different industries, including healthcare, service industries, legal and more!

The Benefits of ReviewREVO

Improves SEO

Want stars next to your search results? Our system adds review schema to your site, helping you get the SEO-friendly rich snippets.

More Positive Reviews

Our system encourages positive online reviews by surveying your customers, then providing them quick access to your review links.

Adds content to your site

Testimonials are gathered and added to your site, giving you additional content and social proof to increase conversion!

Customer Satisfaction

Studies have shown that when businesses just asked how customers felt, customer satisfaction significantly improved.

Customer Feedback

As a manager or owner, consistent customer feedback is essential to running a successful business.

Monitors your Reviews

Our system scans the internet for reviews about your business and sends reports to keep you informed.

Why Choose Us?

Your business now has a simple yet powerful platform to gather customer feedback, measure your Net Promoter Score and encourage online reviews.

review builder comparison
review builder comparison
online review builder comparison
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How it Works

ReviewREVO is easy for you and your customers.

  • Text or Email sent to your Customer

    The ReviewREVO system sends a text or email to your customer asking for a rating and/or comment.

  • Positive Testimonials are Captured

    Our system captures the positive testimonials and places them on your website in real-time. These testimonials will increase conversion for future website visitors. It also includes the proper SEO schema markup needed to get the rich snippets (stars next to search results)

  • Send Happy Customers to your Review Profiles

    Your happiest customers are provided links to your favorite review sites.

  • You receive reports and monitoring

    We send you notifications of positive or negative responses, as well as reviews on 3rd party sites (like Yelp or Google).


  • This has been great for my practice. The amount of testimonials we have received has been amazing.

    – Russell P.

  • I was surprised by how many responses we got initially. It really is a wonderful program.

    – Brian E.

  • By far, the best system I have used (and cheaper too). Being able to see all of my reviews on one dashboard is a bonus.

    – Maria W.
  • Love it! More reviews rolling in! Using ReviewREVO is much easier than I thought it would be.

    – Tim H.
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Got Q’s?

We’re here to answer any questions you have! We want to help you be informed so that you can confidently take the next steps to managing your online reputation with us.